Argentina / Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – Essential Sources of Information & Links

I am not the first and certainly not the last to move the BA. There have been people for me who unfortunately found out things the hard way or fortunately had wisdom passed down to them. I have put together some of the resources that have helped me navigate my way through living in BA – websites and useful apps. Hopefully if you can’t find what you are looking for here then these will help you.

BA Expats

baexpats logo

Great forum that discussions everything that is living in BA. I have found a lot of information from this site, but it can be time consuming to find, especially with threads of about 300+ replies. Sign up, introduce yourself, and if you have questions use the search function as most likely someone has already discussed it. It is a great place to go to find a little bit of sanity, and to reassure yourself you are not crazy.

Inter Nations


If you have been an expats in another part of the world you might have already signed up to this site. They host events regularly to give you the opportunity to meet other expats, and also to try out new bar or other activities. I know people who have made some good friends through their events.

¿Cómo Llego? –


Fantastic for getting around BA. Download the app for your smart phone so you can navigate around the bus system. Lifesaver!

Pick up a fork


My go to for finding a new place to eat or if I am having a craving for something other than just meat, meat and more meat. The chick who writes it has been in BA for about 6 years and her reviews are awesome. Check it out.



Check out the website or download their app. They have discounts of up to 40+% off if you book on certain dates, and the further you book out the bigger the discount can be. Also good to see where you can grab a bite in certain neigbourhoods,

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